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As the name suggests, Vegetabrella is an amusing umbrella by H Concept that, when shut, looks rather convincingly like a head of green leaf lettuce.

Classic home products get quirky updates

Nendo’s latest work is an entirely new series of furniture and houseware comprising 13 pieces for Danish furniture maker BoConcept.

Watch out for Nendo

Designed to slot among the novels on a bookshelf, the Hanabunko is a simple, rectangular container with an open corner.

Clever designs in kitchenware and desktop decor

The heft of Cachicochi’s Trip stand will ensure your bike will stay upright, while its simple dome shape not only camouflages the fact that it’s a bike stand, but is unobtrusive in the home.

Leaf Memo have a delicate translucent finish that adds an elegant touch to your messages.

Classic home products get quirky updates

On the surface, the Nendo-produced mugs appear identical to the plain white mugs Starbucks uses, but if you flip them over (make sure it’s empty!), they look like they are filled to the brim with either an Americano, a latte or a caramel macchiato.

Moon & Earth and Sun & Moon timepieces, designed by Naoya Matsuo, use color and shapes instead of oh-so-conformist numbers.

Just in time for the rainy season: the Vegetabrella.

Classic home products get quirky updates

Italian brand Etro and photographer-director Mika Ninagawa team up for a boho-floral collaboration of vibrant extremes.

The Bottled lamp creates an elegant glow to the lighting produced and can be adjusted with four dimming settings.

Nendo partners with Taniguchi Aoya Washi, a traditional paper maker in Tottori Prefecture, to produce seamless 3-D shapes, priced between ¥21,000 and ¥37,800.

H Concept’s +d brand's zabuton come in variety of pop-color combinations and use rubber-like and felt-like materials.

The UniAuto app allows you to remotely control the Balmuda Rain humidifer and SmartHeater from anywhere.

Made of a thin, but durable nylon, Postalco's Travel Pouch is inconspicuous and hangs off your belt to be tucked discreetly into your trousers or skirt.

APY’s Dot Hook and Line Hook solve that annoying problem of trying to remove strong double-sided tape every time you want to change the decor.

Sumie Noda’s Kcud Stack Box, designed for the I’mD brand, is ideal for those who also have limited space.

Torafu Architects collaborates with furniture maker Hida Sangyo for the cobrina collection. The name is derived from "koburi-na,” which means “small size” and implies compactness.

Teruhiro Yanagihara’s latest TY “Standard” pottery series for the 1616/Arita Japan brand uses traditional Arita porcelain techniques.

Hana-Kotoba Sakura: Take a sheet and write your message, fold it up into a cherry blossom and then leave it for that special someone to pick up.

Made from a single sheet of flexible EVA foam, Satoshi Itasaka’s Owl Chair is directly aimed at kids.

Nosigner's Sumi lunch box, a redesign of the yusan-bako, a three-tiered portable food box that originated in Tokushima Prefecture.

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