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Jarrod Harden

Jarrod Harden

Catch me at - my blog about exploring and enjoying the world around us all.

For so many things including cheap wine and butter!

;-) Love my Tech Savvy Seniors

The Lonely Goatherd was my FAVORITE song from the Sound of Music - How can you not smile listening to it?!

For all of the writers out there!

Dr Pepper is my guilty pleasure! Though I love the diet, I have recently started to indulge on the 10 manly calories of Dr Pepper Ten! (Don't tell anyone, but ladies, you can drink that one too!)

I don't watch movies that often but a friend sat me down and made me watch this last night. I'm still smiling. PS - Love all of the little cooking details. Loved this

Bishop T.D. Jakes was INCREDIBLE on the show. Do catch this one!

Saw this on Facebook! LOVE THIS!!!

Certainly my favorite tv show of all time is Golden Girls, and I'm not afraid to say it. Seeing Betty White's face does just make me smile!

I am not always mushy but I couldn't resist these "Pupcakes"

I really enjoyed the book and the website has some really great "pick me ups"

MOMA Round Ice Trays - They make interesting ice spheres that bump up the fun factor on any cocktail. I first saw them on Martha Stewart and they actually froze flower petals inside.

My favorite pillow EVER! I went out on a limb spending $40 bucks on a pillow - but I had a little extra cash that day. One of the best investments I've ever made! "Gosa Raps" must translate into "Sweet Dreams"

Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium in Times Square, NYC. Its a collection of the strange and so much fun! Great date night idea too!

Le Garage - French Bistro in Sausalito, CA - just north of San Francisco. Insanely Delicious - check out my review on the blog!

This is my favorite cutting board that I own! Not available on the IKEA site but in the stores for ten bucks. I use it to make fresh pasta. And you can certainly check out a video of me making the pasta at my blog

Don't be scared into buying all Organic just for the heck of it. Here's a little help towards making informed decisions.

My FAVORITE Brand of Ice Cream. Butterscotch Vanilla is one that you have to try. You will LOVE it!

Dancing with Don J of Swagstar Nation at

On the heels of the "Pink Slime" scandal, check out this article.

My favorite vacation to date! My and I stayed at the Villa Rolandi in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I did a blog post on New Orleans ( I've gotta get back there soon ... just can't do it in summer with that heat!

I have given this book as a gift often. Hill Harper speaks to young black men in a way that is honest and compassionate. It makes you realize that some people really do care.

Thank you Adult Swim for keeping King of the Hill on TV

I'm so NOT ashamed to say that I love Zumba! Still working on the hip action though