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Linear Equations

Activities that deal directly with a line

How this works: 1) Pass out this handout to your students 2) Play any of these videos 3) Have them graph the story

Graphing Stories - 15 seconds at a time

Students are constantly confusing surface area and volume of rectangular prisms and cylinders. This product includes 18 situations cards, 36 calculation cards, and 1 sort page. Students will read, decide and sort each card into the appropriate category.

Linear Equations Round Table Activity! This activity practices graphing lines, writing equations in slope-intercept form, and identifying the standard form equation that is equivalent to the slope-intercept form.

This activity consists of 8 centers. Each center consists of 6 problems related to writing equations of lines in slope-intercept form.Many of the slopes are fractions as well as many of the y-intercepts. I also gave some parallel and perpendicular line equations in standard form for practice in solving for y.

6 stations that provide Algebra students with practice writing equations in slope intercept form, standard form, point slope form, as well as writi...

Math Libs - Graphing Linear Equations - Intercepts, Slope, Slope-Intercept - This activity will get your students out of their seats and working cooperatively in small groups. They will use their knowledge of intercepts, slope, slope-intercept form, and graphing in order to solve problems.

Slope-Intercept Web

Everybody is a Genius: It's been awhile...

Self-guided Worksheets for practicing writing an equation and making a table and graph given a situation. Also practicing finding rate of change on a graph.

For Ss who are really struggling with how to find the equation of a line between two points - Have them fill out this "skeleton" of the problem. Put this sheet in a sheet protector to be used again and again.