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Pinterest Beginners Guides

Just starting out on Pinterest? Here are several guides that might help. Including mine - The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide, or should I say, The Original & Still The Best...Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide. Just click on the image, and it will enlarge, then click it again and it will take you to the original blog post where you can read the content of the article.

How to Use Pinterest for Beginners
  • Wayne Ollick

    I sure wish I had your marketing savvy, Jason. I am trying to get exposure for my book here on P. but I just can't make sense of it. I do what they say to do and nothing happens. I want to follow board and there is no "FOLLOW" button. I try to update my profile and it churns and churns and never updates. They want me to verify my website address but do not explain how to do that. I never met a geek who could speak normalese.

Free Marketing On Pinterest Ebook...The 2nd Anniversary edition. Get the free 38 page companion guide to www.marketingonpi.... The original and best blog dedicated to marketing on Pinterest. Learn the selling, traffic, and conversion skills that pay the bills. Tons of free information.

The Updated Pinterest Ebook Is Now Online!

A Beginners How-To Video from Braid Creative. Nicely done.

  • Lorraine Anderson

    Just started an account, have several boards, but at this time, each one is saying Edit, not Follow, can you tell me how to change so I can allow Followers. thanks

  • Kenzie Davis

    It will say Edit on your boards when you are logged in. But for every ones else that sees your boards, it says Follow. The option isn't available to you because you don't need to follow you're own boards. :)

Not the be confused with the original, (mine), but still a great resource. Hector has a very cool website. His Pinterest profile is here:

Pinterest Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Ok, it's a shameless plug for my own ebook, but I do read it obsessively...since I'm working on Version 2 already. If you're not familiar with it, it's a free 33 page ebook. You can download your copy at www.marketingonpi....

I hate misleading titles, and these aren't NEW ways to use Pinterest, but anyway. This is a nice collection of 7 basic tips.

How to Use Pinterest | The Hyper House

As this is a German blogpost, here's a quick translation for English speakers: If you want to pin a picture directly from Facebook.. 1. Install the "Pin it"-Bookmarklet 2. Click on the Facebook picture you want to pin 3. Right-click and choose "view image" 4. Make sure the .jpg-URL is shown in your in your browsers address bar. 5. Pin it! :) Good to know finally!!

Pinterest: So könnt ihr Bilder von Facebook pinnen

Hubspot's Guide...see their Pinterest Profile here;

Free Ebook: An Introduction to Pinterest for Business
  • Belle West

    that sure is a lot of information they want to get a free download on a book. and the 'privacy policy'... is a bit confusing... I'm not feeling like my info is really private with this site (hubspot)...

  • Jason Miles, bestselling author

    Yeah, depending on how you do your free items through a shopping cart, it can get a little intensive...