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94 amazing pinterest facts. Definitely a good read :)

94 Amazing Pinterest Statistics (June 2014)

This Chart Shows Why Pinterest Is Way More Important Than Twitter Or Reddit For Traffic Referrals

Pinterest Advertising Big Deal - Business Insider

Pinterest Stats Infographic...

  • Evita Stenqvist

    If I were to add this as a source in a paper I'm writing- any thoughts on how I'd do that? :P

  • Jason Miles, bestselling author

    It depends on your paper's writing requirement…APA, etc. best thing to do is simply ask your prof how to cite an infogrpahic. (I think this is what you're asking - if it's something else - please let me know).

  • Evita Stenqvist

    Thank you! I'll take your advice and get in touch with my prof

The facts & figures of Pinterest Image sizes, shapes, and requirements.

Quick Guide to Pinterest Images [Infograph]

Pinterest vs Facebook for referral traffic. A Look at 50,000 uniques from each social media site. Interesting information.

Geeky Stuffs: Facebook vs Pinterest (Infographic)

Here are the social media stats for the top 250 internet retailers: [infographic] Fascinating.

Top 250 internet retailers on social media: infographic