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Lanercost Priory Church | Visit Cumbria This place is awesome! Built in the time of Henry II, it is still in use today as a place of worship. And they have a summer music festival!

Lanercost Priory, Cumbria Founded 1166 - Edward I stayed here after a battle with the Scots Right along Hadrian's Wall - great place to visit, and there's a five-star B & B right next to it.

Henry VIII of England -

Joan Beaufort (1404 - 1445). Queen of Scotland from 1424 to 1437, when her husband was killed. She married James I and had several children. After his death she married James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorne and had three more children.

Copy of the Whitehall Palace Mural by Remigius van Leemput, 1667. (Hampton Court Palace) Depicts Henry VII., his Queen Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII., and his Queen Jane Seymour

Elizabeth Woodville (also spelled Wydeville or Widvile; c. 1437[1] – 8 June 1492) was Queen consort of England as the spouse of King Edward IV from 1464 until his death in 1483. Elizabeth was a key figure in the series of dynastic civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. Her first husband, Sir John Grey of Groby was killed at the Second Battle of St Albans. Her children included the Princes in the Tower and Elizabeth of York; the latter made her the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII.

Kind Edward I Longshanks (1272-1307). House of Plantagenet. 19th great-grandfather of Queen Eliz II. Reigned for 34 years, 7 months, 14 days and was succeeded by son, Edward II. He named his son Prince of Wales, a titled given to every first-born son of the monarchy since. Took over the throne of Scotland in 1296, and in 1297 William Wallace defeated him at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. 1298 he defeats Wallace at Falkirk. Wallace executed in 1305; in 1306 Robert Bruce crowned King of Scotland

King Edward II (1307-1327). 18th great-grandfather of Queen Eliz II. House of Plantagenet. Reign: 20 yrs, 2 mos., 14 days. Successor: son, Edward III. He was appointed the 1st Prince of Wales by his father, King Edward I Longshanks. Considered incompetent, frivolous and unduly influenced by his "favourites", he was deposed by his wife Isabella & her lover Roger de Mortimer, and murdered in Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

In 1537, Henry commissioned Hans Holbein the Younger to create a mural of the Tudor dynasty to commemorate the birth of his son and heir, Edward. It was the only mural which Holbein made in England. It originally occupied an entire wall in Whitehall Palace, which had been designated the official residence of the monarch just a year earlier. The mural was destroyed during a palace fire in 1698. Luckily, King Charles II had already commissioned a small copy thirty years before by the Flemish ar...

Princess Mary Tudor: Sister to Henry VIII, eventual Queen of France, then eventual Mrs. Charles Brandon

Charles Brandon,1st. Duke of Suffolk was the son of William Brandon, standard-bearer of Henry VII., who was slain by Richard III. on Bosworth Field. Charles Brandon was brought up at the court of Henry VII., companion of young Prince Henry. Brandon, as all good Tudorites know, married Henry the VIII.'s younger sister, Mary, when she was widowed after her brief marriage to Louis XII. of France. This man remained a friend and confidant of Henry VIII., all his life, proving Charles remarkable.

House of Tudor Owen Tudor, the first man to use the surname, was a direct 8th. generation descendent of Llewelyn the Great and Joan (daughter of King John ). Owen worked within the household of Queen Catherine, widow of Henry V ; Owen and Catherine married in 1429. Their first son, Edmund, was made 13th. Earl of Richmond in 1453, married Margaret Beaufort (great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt ) in 1455. Edmund and Margaret had one son, Henry, who would become King Henry VII .

Courtly Love-Eleanor of Aquitaine is credited with the introduction of 'courtly love' to France and later England. Courtly Love was meant to be platonic, romantic 'courtship', by a man, of a Lady, (not his wife) whose social position was above his own. An unattainable Lover. This romantic play was an accepted part of Court life. Evidence of this sort of play was, sadly, used against Anne Boleyn.

Charles (Born 1948). Prince of Wales since 1958. He married Diana Spencer and had two sons. They divorced and he married Camilla Shand.

Elizabeth I’s Flushing Toilet. Did you know, that in 1596 Sir John Harington introduced Queen Elizabeth to her first flushing toilet? Sure, flushing toilets have been around since the time of the ancient Minoans, but for the English, they were a new marvel.

Edward V (1470 - 1483?). Prince of Wales from 1471 to 1483, when he became king. He and his younger brother were declared illegitimate by their uncle, Richard III, and then disappeared from the tower.

The Indictment of Anne and George Boleyn.

William Shakespeare (Baptism April 26,1564; died April 23,1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He enjoyed the Royal patronage of Elizabeth I. Painting now purported to be of Master William Shakespeare, known as the 'Cobbe portrait'.