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GoT - They look familiar

Where we’ve seen Game of Thrones actors before…

Corpse Bride

Tier gear

Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, I would totes be Blossom, besties Tash and Niamh as Bubbles & Buttercup, yess

Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup

Being a fan of custom lego builds, this really made my jaw drop! :)

What the fandom..... mmyy braaiin

How to infuriate nerds from every fandom all at once…


The noise I made when I saw this was not human... This is so awesome!!

The Neverending Story.

Need this

Geek Life | HUMAN

That speech. Click for buzzfeed article on last nights episode of Sherlock. Fantastic!

LOL that made me laugh too much

Funny Pictures - 41 Pics

Tom Hiddleston on filming in a helicopter

Tom Hiddleston on filming in a helicopter

The North Remembers ~ House Stark ~ Game Of Thrones Fan Art

Game Of Thrones 10 Art Print by Misery | Society6


Not again - Cheezburger

These are actually how the made the scene look '3d'. When they threw the flower petals everywhere and Sherlock, John, and Mary are all standing in the midst of it.

The wedding scene on Sherlock…

I don't know where to put this.

Data, Riker and Geordi.... They just seem like the group of friends that have been playing in the same neighborhood for years... got in trouble together as kids, and 20 years later all still hanging out!

true story

Sign up | Tumblr

Torchwood's Gwen and Jack

Game of thrones

Some interesting Game of Thrones facts…

Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward as Daria and Jane.

The Rock channels The Hulk for Halloween... | Daily Mail Online

Walmart people. Ugh

berry-break-12 : theBERRY