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I love how hilarious all Merlin's little one liners are. The writers really are quite good, and his delivery? Priceless?!

Colin Morgan and Bradley James. For @Hannah Mestel Pomroy and @Molly Franks Pomroy

Wicked - Elphaba by ~Lordrea on deviantART

Wicked - Elphaba by Lordrea on deviantART

Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese with a crispy parmesan cheese crust - so good you'll never go back to plain grilled cheese! Find the recipe o...

Game Of Thrones - Robert Bruno

I almost want a Kindle just so I can have this cover. Okay, yeah... me too.

Well, I have a minion or two, a lackey, and a henchman so far...

To all those out there who have been accused of being the 'fake geek girl'...

Old Hollywood Avengers: A little black tie, a little witty repartee...and a lot of explosions.

LOL Joffrey - ha, ha, ha, ha! (Please tell me I don't have to explain the "in-bread" part...oops! Just did!)

Downton Abbey meets Magic The Gathering. Results in hilarity.

WELP. We better assemble the Chris', RDJ, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. And obviously, Sam Jackson. Dude, I'm legitimately sure that if this happened, it would be just like the Avengers. Like, Hemsworth would be so hurt and betrayed, and Evans would be like "JUSTICE."

As the World Falls Down by MeganLara. Available as a print or t-shirt. (I love all these new Art Nouveau Labyrinth designs coming out!)