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Color code shelves so kids know the correct place for Word Work tubs and/or math tubs. Use laminated construction paper taped to shelves (for my cupboards & shelves with names for easy & fast clean up)

creative storage LOVE ths, just add duct tape!

I wish i had seen this pin 6 weeks ago!!! Everything a new teacher could possibly want.. all organized so neatly into a website. And it's all FREEEE! This teacher rocks!

Free printable games -- Batman targets following directions; Spiderman targets comparing/contrasting OR positional words

classroom collective • ‘Classroom Organization’ I want one!

We've all been there. You wake up feeling like death is tapping you on the shoulder. You push Mr. Death aside to haul yourself into school. Sub plans HAVE to be done! With the help of this sub emergency kit with plug-in lessons, and just a little preparation on your part, you will know all is well at school, and you can concentrate on getting better!

Write down funny things that people said or funny things that happened in the day that made you smile and put the date on it. Put it in a jar and at the end of the year, read them. Great for a teacher to do for the classroom too...write down fun times, funny times, and celebrations and then share them at the end of the year.

Chevron papers that already have frames so you can quickly and easily make unit covers, coupons, posters, binder covers, etc.

Hilarious teacher sayings! Every teacher or future teacher needs to read these! I couldn't stop laughing :)

Tips from a super-organized first grade teacher. Each tip is simple enough to implement on its own instead of trying to magically become this organized all at once.

Reminders because I ALWAYS forget to remind at the end of class! So smart!

Simple how-to for skirting tables to hide your supplies