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Does Romney have a clue that the reason more women are on welfare is NOT because Obama forced them out of work, but because the Bush Economy went to HELL. Welfare doesn't mean you aren't working, either... working poor get welfare... ugh. But mom's staying at home only seem to a good thing for... his wife?

Women Could Buy An Extra 14 Cars In Their Lifetimes If Gender Pay Gap Didn’t Exist

The Bills Don’t Lie: Democrats Are the ONLY Supporters of Stay at Home Moms ranks Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi as the five worst states for women. See entire list here: Not pleased with the way things are in your state? What better time than an election year to change things! We encourage you to reach out to your local politicians now, when they’re most likely to listen.

Female Veterans Say Military Kicked Them Out And Classified Them As ‘Crazy’ After Reporting Sexual Assault

On behalf of the great state of Oklahoma I want to take this opportunity to apologize.

I get it. There isn't a war on women. There is a war on sluts and single mothers.

A proposed 'personhood' law in Oklahoma that would grant embryos full rights as people from the moment of conception failed in the state's Legislature without coming to a vote in the House of Representatives, lawmakers said on Thursday.

Republicans are all about control of reproductive systems. They want the government to regulate the uterus, for example and they reserve the right to engage in state-sponsored rape to ensure nothing sneaky is going on outside the bounds of their voluminous legislative restrictions.