Clouds! I can see absolutely no use for these but they must be made at once.

flower balls - this would require a LOT of patience, but the end result is really cool.

How to make tissue pom flowers

d.i.y cloud lights are soooo dreamy!!!! Nursery anyone?

giant paper flowers, what a fun wall!

Well, this is almost as dangerous as pinterest! Online store for discount craft and decorating this site! WHOA! Totally Inexpensive!

Dipping candles in crayons to add color to cheap white ones. to match wedding colors? LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!! Brilliant!

For Setup: Take a picture of exactly how something is supposed to look (i.e. centerpieces, place settings, etc) then place it on the container that has all the pieces inside it. That way whoever is setting it up has no questions and knows exactly what the end product should look like.

Tutorial to make large Crepe Paper Roses created by Morgan Levine at Martha Stewart Website (there is a video too!!)

Whoa. Put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling

the prettiest giant flower

Flower for hair for committee

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