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The initial edition of the Montreal Expos from Grapefruit league 1969.

Classic picture of Mudcat Grant at Jarry Park

Classic setting sun at Jarry Park. Rusty Staub, Montreal Expos

  • Susan Angeli

    Rusty was my favorite player until he was traded. Then it was Andre Dawson.

  • Jay Sokoloff

    You have quite a history with the Expos. Remarkable.

  • Susan Angeli

    I have 2 older brothers and we only had one television. No choice :). But then I actually enjoyed it and would go to many double headers on Sundays. Good times!

Amazing pic of Ellis Valentine and the fantastic Expos uni.

Classic. Maury Wills et un jeune préposé au baton, 14 avril 1969 by Archives de la Ville de Montréal, via Flickr

The excellent powder blue Expos uni with the rare Olympics decal-heaven on earth. oh my o-pee-chee! (oh mon o-pee-chee!): 1977 larry parrish

Coolopolis: Expos fans feast your eyes on this baby

I still love the original Expos uni best. Great action shot of Gary Carter from The Fleer Sticker Project: 1980 Topps Gary Carter Uncropped

A pillar of Expos history who gave his heart to the team. Yet, I am so conflicted. he made great trades- getting Ken Singleton form the Mets and terrible trades - Singleton to the Orioles. He was a fountain of baseball lore yet an awful broadcaster. He was the only manager to get the Expos to the post-season yet he was a terrible tactician. In short, the perfect individual to capture the highs and lows of the Montreal Expos.

Jim (Mudcat) Grant was the winning pitcher in the Expos' first franchise victory

Too many great things going on....the MLB patch on the shoulder, the uniform itself, and you can almost feel the osmosis of baseball lore being handed down from 1 generation to another. Amazing.

Not sure what modern cool actually means, but Delino was always one of my favorite Expos and he was modern cool.

A young Larry Walker in AA ball with the old Expos Unis. I like the number symmetry.

Expos The spaceman and former Sydney Sooner

I miss the powder blue unis!

The Original Montreal Expos Unis. The tri color cap and logo are awesome.