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Sun- (yang) symbolic of the mind or intellect. the sun shines upon our symbolic selves and makes us most visible to the world. Life, power, strength, energy, force, clarity, self. Moon- (yin) Time, cycles, psyche, wonder, shadow, balance, renewal, mystery, emotion, intuition, influence, transition, femininity, perception, progression, receptivity, illumination.

Pinning again. This could have so much meaning behind it. One of my favorite tat ideas so far. I would probably get the coordinates for Panama

43 Rad Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place

My grandfather always sang "You are my sunshine" to me. I want to get a a tattoo in memory of him. #tattooideas

Inked | Surrender of Thoughts...

I have been saying I will get this tattooed for the last 5 years and within the last year after the heartbreak, the loss, the failures, the defeats, I think it is by far past due to finally get this. I love the simplicity of it but the power this hold. Non omnis moriar....not all of me shall die in Latin.

I'm super digging the sentiment. and the placement. "I shall either find a way or I will make one"

Meaning , the ability to recover from hard times in your life and to have strength to build yourself back up.

Placement. Font. But I want, every saint has a past every sinner has a future.. in hindi

Selena Gomez's new tattoo is an Arabic phrase that reportedly translates to "love yourself."

Selena Gomez Got a New Tattoo

"we live with the scars we choose" this quote...very good reminder....

God is greater than the highs and lows.

You could have stopped, but you chose to go on. I want this because self harm and depression are things that some people do and have gone through but they chose to live on despite that fact that they did have gone through tough times

Love the placement

Awesome Tattoo Pics: Love the placement

Bible Verse | "but The Lord stood by me and strengthened me." | Christian tattoo

Table for One Ministries

Before you ask which way to go, remember where you've idea for a tattoo

Joan of Arc quote in French meaning "I am not afraid. I was born for this."