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Los Angeles, CA - Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd Dog Mix. Meet Raven, a Dog for Adoption.

Dogs speak with their eyes. Listen to them with your heart.

This fabulous dog is available at WLA. Please adopt her before her time is up! She was very gentle with several yappy little dogs in the same pen when I was photographing her. She's great with kids, too. Bonnie is NOT 7 years old!!! Her teeth are bright white. She looks more like 2-3 years old! You can tell that she recently had puppies. Apparently someone took her pups and dumped her. If anyone can foster her, I will pull. Please call 310-362-0321 if you can help! — in Bonnie at WLA pound.

Every dog deserves to feel like this ... every day.

Innocent and loyal. All dogs deserve nothing but love.

A salute to four-legged heroes on this Veteran's Day.

I call Spike "my little man" because he's trying to to fill the late Valentino's shoes even though he's quarter of his size.

Kindred Spirits

Adopt a Pet :: Humphrey - Marina del Rey, CA - Boxer/English Bulldog Mix

To many people put down their dogs when they become inconvenience.

10 years...

Two more days left! Please vote for Forte Animal Rescue. You can vote both days and from different devices; i.e., vote one from your computer and another from your phone!

Adopt this stunning gal!

Please send this to every breeder you know and those who bought their dogs from breeder.

  • Diane Meier

    I don't like breeders, either, but there is no excuse for killing that dog. Overpopulation is a myth. 3-4 million animals are killed in shelters every year. Of the 23 million people who get pets every year, 17 million are undecided about where to get their pet. We don't have to kill - we just need to do better matchmaking.

  • Marie Atake

    @Diane Meier: Here's the problem we have in LA; check out htis article:

5-mo old Carmen needs temp foster for 10 days. Just got spayed and needs quiet. Plz call 310/362-0321.

My pretty boy.

I feel secure and telaaaaaxed.

I'd rather die with my dogs than ever leave them behind knowing they'd die the most suffering death.

Every dog deserves to feel this way.

Construction supervisors.

Pure innocence