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Caught by a Sunbeam - Nestling her head on a cobweb pillow the pretty fairy drifts into slumber, after a hectic night of revelry, at a celebration of spring party with the elves and pixies. Many of her friends are hiding nearby!

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Of course, we all know about leprechauns, the mythical creatures that seem to be found only in Irish folklore. They are described as male fae that appear as tiny, wizened old men. They often ply the trade of shoemaker.

Cicely Mary Barker - Flower Fairy Alphabet - At the edge of the woodland Where good fairies dwell, Stands, on the look-out, A brave sentinel. At the call of his bugle Out the elves run, Ready for anything, Danger, or fun, Hunting, or warfare, By moonshine or sun. With bluebells and campions The woodlands are gay, Where bronzy-leaved Bugle Keeps watch night and day.

Cicely Mary Barker - Other Miscellaneous Works - Elves and Fairies Postcards - The Dance of the Fairies Painting

Garth Williams - The Golden Book of Elves and Fairies

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mark roberts recipe fairy Love his elves and Santas!!