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Theatre #Posters Découpage photographique, chaos, effondrement, typographie

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Batiskaf : Victoria Semykina, victoria@semykina...

Batiskaf : Victoria Semykina

“VGC Alphabet” by Fabian Gonzalez features characters from classic video games in the form of letters of the alphabet.

Video Game Character Alphabet

Gatorade Evoluciona & New Line G series Illustration for 2 advertising campaigns for Gatorade

love the way they integrate real objects with illustration to create a more interesting composition

"Less boats, more fish" Greenpeace's message to over 600 global tuna industry officials meeting in Bangkok. We need fewer boats, more fish if the fishing indstry and our oceans are to survive:

PG355 "Femme ... Femmes!" Théatre National de Chaillot poster by Michal Batory (2003)

Ling = elongated food fish. Uh... my feet are never gonna be food fish but I like the photo nonetheless.

Holiday Magazine (the July 1949) / designed by Richard E. Howard.

The Jet-Setting Glamour of <i>Holiday</i> Magazine

Love what you do: Graphic design student show...Photo my business card cutout or create a larger one.

Awesome Post Processing! By Fernando Suárez Carballo. #editorial #cover #layout

Roberta Campbell: "This #poster was done by Matthew Lawson for my Graphic Design class at Appalachian State University in 1997(?). The assignment was to create a playing card in the style of an assigned designer. He actually drew on the wall of the mens bathroom with markers, photographed it, and then did some digital processing. He did a heck of a job!"


I love this advertising campaign. It says "imagination" without even saying it. The message is clear and to the point.

I love this ad for VW. It's so simple yet says so much. It looks like a smile at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you realize everything is upside down and it's actually the shape of a volkswagen! I think it's absolutely genius.

Cool alternate poster design. The way the trees make up Darth Vader's facial features, it pretty brilliant

Star Wars posters by Olly Moss

Amazing poster, The black space shows the two towers while the orange shows Frodo's hand reaching for the ring. Another great front/background principle

Awesome Minimalist Typography Posters

Awesome Minimalist Typography Posters

20+ Beautiful Typography Poster | The Design Work

20+ Beautiful Typography Poster | The Design Work

Best Graphic Design of 2013 | From up North I think I might have to agree with the judges on this one. This is a fabulous design.

Best Graphic Design of 2013 | From up North

The Gestalt principle of foreground/background is interesting in this photo. It's of people having conversation over tea. Clever.