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Clever ideas

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Amazing way to take incredible pictures ~ Mind Blowing Things

Cute closure

Student Discounts for College Kids. A must know for every poor college student!

So helpful

Want to get rid of the holes caused by nails on the wall? Here’s an easy solution: All you have to do is get a bar of white soap and scrub across the hole until it’s filled. This is a great tip for when you’re moving out of a house and want the holes to be gone!

Take popsicle sticks and paint them the color of every wall in your house. Carry with you on the go to match furniture, curtains, decorations, etc.

If you're camping...Rub petroleum jelly over a bunch of cotton balls...then store in ziplock bag..Then when your ready to make a fire pull a few cotton strands out then place under your wood then light your cotton ball..instant fire starter ----- Good to know for fire pits too! :)

Keep wasps and bees away this summer. Put about 10 cloves in 1/2 a lemon and set out. They do not like the scent. For Outdoor gatherings.

Love This!

Unusual dates that would be awesome

Easily remove sand from your hands by "washing" them with baby powder! This works great for cleaning kids up after playing in the sand box as well!

What a fun idea for anniversaries!

7 Free Apps That Make College Life Easier (grad school, too).

You put in a city or zip code and it tells you where the thrift shops are in that area along with ratings.

{Need to try this…52 week money challenge. After the 52 weeks you will have $1,378.00!~ Im in, just printed, and caught my jar up- anyone else, I feel an extra mini vacation}

Hammering Nails..use a comb to hold the nail in place and to space the nails evenly (if you require a row of nails).

family yearbooks... So the family pics aren't just stuck on the computer. Love love love this.

wipe down metal objects with vinegar before painting to keep the paint from peeling - I need to remember this

if you want creative envelopes, go to Google Maps, map the route from your letter to the other person's mailbox. Print them up, fold them into envelopes.

Home Remedies..... A Pin you won't regret!

Homemade febreeze

Birthday Phone Song…

maybe I should tape this to my computer

A custom "made to fit" dress form of your very own! How brilliant! I had heard of this-must make one some time! Great little tutorial!