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Abyss - Abandoned Construction of Nuclear Power Plant.

North Brother Island, New York: This abandoned 20-acre island sits amazingly close to the bustling center of New York City yet is completely unused. It was home to a hospital in the 19th Century, then housed veterans after World War II before becoming one of the first drug treatment centers for teens in the 1950s. Corruption and failure caused the facility to close and the island has since been off limits to the public, though some urban explorers have made their way onto it anyway. The island w

The Midnight Archive - Trailer 2012 Uploaded by jacob33niver on Mar 10, 2012 A revised trailer for The Midnight Archive series. if you like weird and offbeat it.

this is weird and creepy and I'm pretty sure no dentist would reccommend it!

  • John Sloan

    Apparently, the desire to be cool and freak people out won out over the practicality of being able to eat and drink...

  • Jacqueline Sloan

    true. if your dental hygiene isn't up to par, yuck.....

"Edward Mordrake was a 19th century English nobleman who had an extra face on the back of his head. According to the story, the extra face could neither eat nor speak, but it could laugh and cry. Edward begged doctors to have his ‘devil twin’ removed, because, supposedly, it whispered horrible things to him at night, but no doctor would attempt it." Voldemort?

“And you know, the fact is, nobody knew that they were prosthetic legs. They were the star of the show - these wooden boots peeking out from under this raffia dress - but in fact, they were actually legs made for me.” Aimee Mullins, on her look in the Alexander McQueen S/S 1999 show. 0.0

not too sure about that hair...o.O? love the color of the dress/thingie, but how ridiculous is that ensemble?

looks like a bicycle tire with lightening as spokes...o.O?