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Dr. Pepper Marinaded Grilled Chicken

HOW TO MAKE: GIANT KIT KAT BAR This would be such a fun gift!

Cool baby bottle! - Add the formula at the bottom and water up top then twist when you need the bottle "made"

Why didn't I know this sooner?! Safety filter on YouTube for Kids. This is a MUST READ for any parent!! Kids love watching funny videos on YouTube, but they can easily venture into the UNKNOWN. Step by stop instructions on how to turn on YouTube SafeSearch. It should only take 10 minutes!

Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet!

Haha. My secret plan for getting my own baby panda.

Bahahahaha! This is too funny-

Good Idea or Bad Idea: The Hello Kitty Crock Pot?!

For that next kid of yours

It means so much to me that whenever I need to go out, get trashed and talk shit about people, you're always there for me.