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Year-Round Rain Barrel

Did you know pitbulls are being taken from their loving family's and being killed when they've done nothing wrong its just cause they were born a pitbull! This little guy really looks like a killer!! Watch BEYOND THE MYTH! It's a very interesting documentary!

  • Laura Lee Hernandez

    Pitbulls are great dogs! I love them but I love all dogs. it's people that treat them mean.

  • Rose Messina

    They better kill me first cause there will be NO chance to get my dogs.

  • Melissa Holt

    Yeah, they will meet my baseball bat & hubby's gun if they come to get my babies.

  • Tiffany Moore

    @Lisa-Marie Leal ooooooo my goodness♡♥♡♥♡ gimmie that sweet baby lover!

  • Pam Weston

    I have owned a pitbull and I can tell you he was the best behaved dog I have ever had Sweet and loving. I too had to educate my neighbors that did not know anything but the name.Zach won them over!

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