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my fiance took this picture of an owl at work and i edited~justine...owl deep in thought

my fiance actually took this picture of an owl at work but i edited for him, its one of my favorites~ justine

i love black and white photos..sharonwoods-sharonville ohio~justine

sharonwoods park, sharonville ohio ~justine

i took this picture at sharonwoods park, i saw this bench sitting in front and facing a creek and i could imagine two people in a relationship who would sit on that bench and stare at the water and they did this from the time they were first fell in love until the day they both passed it sits empty..thats what i see in this picture~Justine

A bend in the Road~justine

one of the many beautiful waterfalls at sharonwoods park ~ justine

i took this pic of baby ducks and their momma swimming at sharonwoods park ~justine

i took this picture of a flower bush at my apartment complex and then did a little editing ~justine

baby girl

he's my little prince

she's my princess!

two of my favorite people in this world!