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When a Virgo is mad, you may not know it, but they will be condescending and quiet sarcastic

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts

"I gave a dog my heart. It's never been broken."

Virgos love hard, so feelings die slowing...but once they are dead, there is not resurrection. -Virgo-

When You Realize It’s Not About You-Great Post!!!

It’s Not About You

pronunciation | ‘tem-er-At submitted #temerate, verb, english, promise, vow, bond, binding, break, break a promise, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, T

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress...

Inspiring Quotes and Words .

Inspirational Quotes 21 Pics

Zodiac City - I love Virgos! My sister is a Virgo, my best friend is a Virgo, and my mother is Virgo rising ♥

"If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: Who cares?" - Tina Fey

10 Fun Beauty Quotes From Celebrities Who Really Get It

What Virgo Hates - The truest thing I have read in a while!

This is beautiful. It hurts because it mattered

PGAL & TTCAL - The Bump

say it again ...

BlessOurHearts: People were created to be loved not used!

Take the jump and hope there's a trampoline below

I need to read this every night when my brain starts going 90mph as soon as my head hits the pillow

albert camus quotes | Motivational Quotes By “Albert Camus” – 2 | Quote PhotoGraphy

S-H-98 Was Here

Proud Navy Sister