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Mongolia at the London Olympics 2012

Photos and other mementos of Mongolian athletes and officials preparing for and at the summer Olympic games in London, July-August 2012

Tuvshinbayar's name added to the Olympic Village NOC office "wall of fame" for his silver medal on Aug 2.

Parts of Team Mongolia watching Tuvshinbyar win silver in judo at the Olympic Village office.

President Elbegdorj with the team in front of the Village Olympic rings.

On July 29, President Elbegdorj came to visit the Olympic Village (ctr of the middle row) and posed with the team in the Chef de Mission meeting hall.

The Mongolian flag being raised at the Team Welcome Ceremony, Dep Chef de Mission on Podium with Olympic Village mayor, Sir Charles Allen.

After the Team Welcome Ceremony with guests.

Me, bursting with pride and glee.

Day of the Team Welcome Ceremony: Team Mongolia in full uniform.

The Olympic Village Team Mongolia ger.

Gamesmakers team under Olympic Rings in main Village square.

Fellow volunteer Otgo's birthday cake in the NOC office.

Beautiful moose as mascot for the Canadian Olympic team in front of their Olympic Village accommodations.

The Mongolian NOC office after two days of decorating...

Wall of fame prepared to have names of Mongolian medalists written on it.

The Mongolian NOC office from outside.

Our team of volunteers

My uniform with E in the background

M Enkhbold (London 2012 chef de mission) campaigning for reelection to parliament in Zun Mod (Tov Aimag) on June 26, 2012

Olympic Day in front of the Mongolian parliament under Chinggis Khaan's watchful eye. #London2012

The Mongolian Olympic team (in cream uniforms) and spectators on Sukhbaatar Square. #London2012