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Newspapers are important to everyone! Indeed.

As a #journalist, I'd hope I'm a mix of the question mark and quotation marks. #journalism

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Are we talking about regular #Oreos or Double Stuffs? :)

14 Things Journalists Are Thankful For. My favorites on this list: a job and people retweeting your stories. #HappyThanksgiving

Tycoon... typhoon... eh, same thing, right? No... darn. Imagine the correction on this one! #journalism #fail #sarcasm

After I pinned the first pyramid, I thought it *should* be inverted. Good to know I wasn't alone! Not completely accurate in its contents for me, but I know other journos who'd love this!

A journalist's diet. Funny, I would have thought booze would be much higher. Ha!

Pinning because I probably will need a reminder every now and then. :)

Too cool! My hometown newspaper - the Bucks County Courier Times, published in Levittown, Pa. - made the Newseum's Top 10 Front Pages for Jan. 11, 2013!

Poor kitty. Apparently neither he nor the layout person at this newspaper knows how he got there.

Poynter: Some of the best corrections on here have nothing to do with this picture. I'm trying to decide if my favorite is the reference to a "herniated dick" or calling a coach on "bullshit and laziness" in print. Really.

Deaths are coming! Yeah, I guess so.

Best. Correction. Ever.

The Washington Post's retrospective on Watergate after the 40th anniversary. Good resource, written by Woodward and Bernstein.

Some editors and/or publishers just don't get it... sigh.