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Breaking Bad

A Pictorial Journal on how the Greatest TV Show Ever is making its mark on American Culture. This board is basically a giant repost from /r/breakingbad on Reddit

Walter and Skyler face swap

Helctor Salamanca's revenge pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

The moral of Breaking Bad. Yer goddamn right.

Submitted by u/nometoques

Breaking Bad window display in New York City

Jessie's doll

  • Doug Marshall

    wow what rude ignorant shitheads following you.

  • Vicki Richardson

    I guess I can't comment my opinion. Peace Out

  • Josh Draper

    @Vicki Richardson and @Doug Marshall whoa! whoa! no need for that kind of language here. VIcki, your opinions are welcome. I was poking fun because the picture is an inside joke from Breaking Bad. If you don't know the show you probably won't get it. Doug, you're not making yourself look too good with that kind of name calling. You sound like Jessie ;)

  • Kaleigh Brown

    People shouldn't leave rude comments if they see something they don't like/understand.

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Breaking Bad...ahh, i can't wait

Gus Fring in Trading Places!


  • Josh Draper

    does Breaking Bad need it's own board ??

  • Josh Draper

    the last episode was one of the best ever. it sets up the show for real high tragedy. Walt is driven by Pride with a big P.

  • Samantha Koval

    Love Breaking Bad!

  • Shana Toomey

    Walt is an interesting character. He's not really driven by money as we thought in the beginning. It's all about ego and power.

  • Calvin Simpson

    This is one of the few TV dramas in history to get better with each season.

BLUE ICE - a heisenberg production

My friend makes mini sculptures and I was told to post it here from /r/breakingbad - Imgur #thanksreddit

Walter White action figures

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