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Amazing Race Challenges: cheap & fun!

The DIY Couple: Yard Game Table

Pirate Party Game: Hook Toss. Parents need this for the annual party

Foam Geometric Shapes for Kids Obstacle Course by One Step Ahead. $19.95. Create your own backyard obstacle course with these soft foam shapes! Endless possibilities: you can also use as targets for balls and flying discs. Kids will have a blast inventing original games, inspiring activity and creativity. It's an agility course outside, a life-size building set inside! Obstacle course set includes four geometric shapes, connectors, and stands. Soft, safe foam. 15-min...

Directions: Homemade Outdoor Twister Game

Maybe Challenge players to build a splash pad with no plans but a box full of these materials, including a brand new tarp, tent stakes, hose, sprinkler, heavy duty plant stakes & some pool noodles. :-) …

12 hours to freeze a Giant 3-layer ice cube: 1st layer water = sea creatures with blue food coloring; 2nd layer water = farm animals in green food coloring; 3rd layer water = clear with birds or dinosaurs.

Such a Cool idea!! MUST. DO. THIS!!!! Brave Girl's DIY Bow and Arrow

Sugar Cookie Medals You'll need three food colors to decorate these cookies. We used turquoise, yellow, and orange pastes; other colors can be used instead. We turned these edible treats into medallions that were hung with ribbon, but they are equally delightful displayed on a large platter.

Hoop Alley Lay out eight plastic hoops in a straight line. Kids step into each hoop, lift it overhead, and drop it behind as they move forward. (Reset the row before the next person's turn.

Red Wagon Slalom Stand colorful foam pool noodles in gallon buckets weighted with sand (or soil or stones) and set up in a zigzag pattern. Fill a wagon with small water balloons. Kids must pull the wagon around the outside of each bucket without spilling any balloons.

Balance Beam Kids set a good pace and, using all the swagger they can muster, get across the two-by-four balance beam in no time. Simply lay an 8-foot-long two-by-four on the grass. Or raise it on 6-by-6-by-12-inch blocks: Drill a hole through each block using a paddle or forstner bit and attach to the underside of the beam with long lag screws. Sand corners, and cushion with pillows.

Kids are handed three sheets of newspaper and must place one beneath every step they take. This is the perfect event to place at a tricky turn in the course.

Backyard Goalpost. Tall green garden stakes, 3 pool noodles + 2 pool noodle connectors. :-)

Birthday Treasure Hunt: Clue #3 Added onto the Map The numbers for the combination are revealed.

Birthday Treasure Hunt: Found The Treasure He is not done yet! There is another transparency and a lock on the box.

Birthday Treasure Hunt: Clue #3, another transparency which reveals the lock combination when overlaid the other two clues. This is genius!!

Birthday Treasure Hunt: "Buried Where The Rain Does Not Fall" He seemed confused by the "buried where the rain does not fall" clue. He wandered around for a while until I said "imagine it started to rain really hard right now. Where would you stand?" Under the lean of the tree of course!