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Must be a terrible place.

Juniper: Tree of Love Attraction Symbol of luck and protection. The Juniper tree has long been recognized as one of the most powerful of all fairy tales trees. In the language of flowers Juniper symbolizes perfect loveliness, beauty and protection and was said to have a juniper tree with an angelic presence sheltered the prophet Elijah when he was fleeing from Queen.

Chiari is number 5 on this list called "10 Strange Medical Conditions You’ve Never Heard Of." I guess that's one way to spread awareness. lol

Where to listen for lung sounds.

Herb Markers: White acrylic ink painted on stones. Cute idea!

LEO~Lion of St Mark, St Mary's, Oxford

Some people are far more afraid of depth than of heights. Think on that

blood moons coming | 8th Tetrad of Blood Moons in last 2,000 Years is coming! We should expose ourselves to what a few are studying about the blood moons.

cervical radiculopathy | Nervio Pinchado En La Cervical saludmedica.gimla... ...

My Dream Bedroom!!! Love that large Window overlooking the ocean!

I am convinced...

J.D. Salinger ...the meaning ---- "It is a passage that is so its use of "physical senses" convey the deep intangible "scars" (good and bad) that connections to other human beings inevitably leave on our souls..."

This is so very true. We must heal ourselves before we allow anyone else into our heart, soul, or mind... or it just wouldn't be fair. It's very beneficial to YOU* as a human to take some time to heal from whatever it is that has broke you. Trust yourself and trust in the Lord.

Leo zodiac sign, astrology and horoscope star sign meanings with many astrological pictures and descriptions. Free Daily Horoscope.

Zodiac Society X-Low Compatibility XX-Medium Compatibility XXX -High Compatibility

I felt like saying this throughout pretty much my whole 12 hour shift in the ED today.

All the time. And yet most days I couldn't tell you what I had for breakfast.

Magical Fairy Gardens

how to: fairy brooms for Emilys garden

well thats a nice validation

Ways To Decorate Old Tree Stumps In your yard. I cannot wait to decorate my 2 very large ones in the front.