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Social Skills - Group Activities

Mostly activities to help children practice good social skills while working in small teams or groups.

To help students consider consequences before they act.

▶ Social Skills Support for the Classroom - YouTube I created this to share Social Thinking language with our teachers and para-professionals. It gives an overview of how we use it during whole class and small group social skills lessons

Team Building With Balloons - A fun way to get kids interactive and using balloons to connect them. Kids will love it and have a great laugh at the activity.

Janssen Sports Leadership Center

Teach kids empathy with these 13 games.

13 Top Games That Teach Empathy

Good Sport, Schmood Sport! This video is geared toward Good Sportsmanship in Elementary School for Field Day. I downloaded three fabulous pre-existing videos and added commentary. We watched it at a whole school meeting. Happily, the kids enjoyed it! (JL)

A favorite of my students for social skills

Fun social skills game for groups of varying sizes

Good game for large group social skills lessons

Love this!!! Beginning of the year- COOPERATION! Teams race to build the highest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. When the time is up (10 mins) discuss what made teams successful.

School Counselor Blog: Spaghetti, Marshmallows, and COOPERATION!

These are all extremely fun and fast-moving tagging games. Students will get their heart rates up and not even know they are getting a great workout because they will be having so much fun.

Robin McCallister uses a staggering number of game-like strategies for pragmatic conversation social skills. Follow her blog.