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I'm literally living with a leprechaun, Peter Pan, a vogue model, and the hulk! Number one in tirdy-seven countries!!

And playing with the worms and vowing to become a "fishing worm catcher" when I grew up. I actually did that. I became a dental hygienist. (Take a peek at oral bacteria under a microscope sometime!)

I volunteer!!! ;D @Harry Styles @Harry Styles comment yes or no!!! lol :)xx

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Cinderella transformation gif - HOW?!?!?!?!?! This is so cool!!!

28 Experiences Only Drama Club Kids Could Understand

Scott Disick deserves a show of his own. He is hilarious!!!

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Relationship Quotes from Mindy Lahiri - The Mindy Project (Mindy Kaling)

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The Mindy Project. Is it creepy that I could totally see Mindy and I being best friends... or more realistically, Mindy is that girl that I really want to be best friends with and she politely ignores my suggestions of hanging out and getting Fro-yo together. Yeah, that is creepy. Sorry.

One Fine Day: Quotables love me some Mindy and love me some Ashely @Michelle Flynn Fine

One Fine Day: Quotables

Mindy Project. When you speak my brain gets angry.

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This could be us but..

I love Scott. Seriously. I'd ride in a limo every day too if I had one.

Kids Know Exactly What They Want

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