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Crockpot and Casserole Temptations: "Pin it Forward!"

I love crockpot cooking all year around! In the summertime, who (in their right mind) wants to heat up a kitchen? In the wintertime I love to open the front door to the aroma of my crockpot delights! Nothing welcomes me home more. I hope that you enter this wonderful world of magic with me. Have fun! We have an 8-10 Pin LIMIT per PAGE! BIG, Delicious-looking pins, ONLY! Don't invite anyone, EVER! Thanks!!! Jeannie

Slow Cooker Black Bean Burritos are easy and spicy with lots of texture. It all turns into a hearty meal and you can add avocados and black olives too.

White Bean Chili has a wonderful group of spices that blend perfectly with the beans and green chilis.

This Slow Cooker Red Lentil Soup came out great and it could not be easier! Diverse and rich flavors the whole family will love.

Slow Cooker Apples and Oats is apples with cinnamon and coconut sugar. Yes, and oats and pecans. Where everything is cooked together with accents of flavor.

The Best Slow Cooker Spiced Cashews are delicious and easy. People will think you paid a lot of money for them and they must have come in a beautiful tin.

Slow Cooker Baked Beans are cooked with a little bit of a kick added. By dinner time they are perfection and ready to be served to the whole family.

Slow Cooker "Melt in Your Mouth" Pot Roast

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    Hi @Jeannie Guzman , I have just found your "Best Treats & Sweets on Pinterest!", "Around the World in Food! Greatest Recipes on the Earth!" & "Crockpot and Casserole Temptations: "Pin it Forward!"" boards. Plz add me. Thanks!!!

  • Kate Wilson

    Hello @Jeannie Guzman . I would like to join ur group board "Great Food Bloggers: Let's Promote Our Friends!", may I have an invitation, please?? I'd really like to share my experience and knowledge with others. THANKS !

Beef and Noodle Casserole

Slow Cooker San Franciso Pork Chops

Chicken and Rice Casserole

BBQ Beer Chicken, in the Crockpot!

  • Jeannie Guzman

    HI, Terri: I love this pin and will need to try it. I'm always looking for good, chicken crockpot recipes, that don't look like crockpot chicken!

  • Terri Jepsen Weir

    Hi Jeannie, yes it does look tasty!! I will be trying it as well! :)