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Healthy, Creative Recipes!

The idea of "Eating Healthy," I must admit, is a hard concept for me to swallow, but I know that I need to start making a better effort. If you're in the same boat, let's work on the problem together. I propose making this a Shared Board, where we can post recipes other than Cheesecake and a Pasta dripping in 5 different kinds of cheese! I need HELP! If you need some help, also, or if your already into good eating habits, please help the rest of us out. To pin, please leave a message! Thanks

A refreshing and simple citrus soda mix, ready for your seltzer

Enjoy carrots in a new way in this carrot puree appetizer

Zucchini Corn Pancakes - Super easy pancakes perfect as a side dish or appetizer. And best of all, they don't even taste "healthy"!

These edible flowers and spices will cool you off on a warm day

Keep this simple, healthy condiment stock

  • Maria Ushakova

    @Jeannie Guzman Hello Jeannie, I am wondering if you could add me to this board? I publish a food blog focusing on healthy recipes and would love to contribute. Thank you!

Another pinner says: The yummiest orange julius I've ever tasted also happens to have a LOT more vitamin c and antioxidants than eating an orange alone, and much healthier than plain orange juice! There are easy ways to make this more healthy :)

Friends thought Hidden Valley had stolen this ranch dressing from us but it's a classic that predates the bottle...

"Golden milk" for cold, flus, depression, and more (in a recipe that actually tastes good...)

A crustless quiche with beets and greens, beautiful enough for company

Not your everyday broccoli deli salad

This tea or infusion may knock out your seasonal allergies or may just keep you healthy

Need a super easy and impressive July 4th dish? These American Flag Kabobs are so simple even your kids can put them together! Mine did! Check out their recipe.