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Healthy, Creative Recipes!

The idea of "Eating Healthy," I must admit, is a hard concept for me to swallow, but I know that I need to start making a better effort. If you're in the same boat, let's work on the problem together. I propose making this a Shared Board, where we can post recipes other than Cheesecake and a Pasta dripping in 5 different kinds of cheese! I need HELP! If you need some help, also, or if your already into good eating habits, please help the rest of us out. To pin, please leave a message! Thanks

"What? I am eating *what*?" -- A question your extremely picky children will never think to ask as they eat nearly a day's RDA in a plate of pancakes. ;)

A weedy salad. You may find ingredients growing in the cracks of your driveway :)

Easy,fresh and delicious enough to eat plain! I was literally eating this with a fork! Also so good with chips, on tacos, eggs, chicken, etc.

Start your day with this "Golden Tea," while fighting cancer and building your brain at the same time (including key flavor options and "pro tip")