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Tombstones With A Message

A Gypsy Queen, burried in unhallowed ground, either for being a gypsy or for having a child out of wedlock. Died due to complications from childbirth, burried with her infant, who also did not survive. Saint Mary's Cemetery Marion, Ohio

Saint Mary's Cemetery

Ding dong the witch is dead Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring Grove Cemetery

Makes you wonder how 5 babies died in such a short time. Were they all born with the same disease or did they contract an illness after birth? At Mount Muncie cemetery in Kansas.

Unusual Graves and Tombstones -- I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith

The most Unusual Graves and Tombstones (61 pics)

Mother and Twins Monument (Saunders) by Henry Dmochowski Saunders 1857 In Laurel Hill Cemetery south section. Marble sculpture. Smithsonian reference number IAS 71500542. HD Saunders was the husband of the woman buried, and father of the twins buried here - two years before the mother. Site overlooks the bend in the Schuylkill River where the twins drowned.

File:Mom n Twins Philly.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

See, THIS is why i am obsessed with graves and cemeteries. Like the creator of this image, if i see a stone with an interesting bit of info on it, then trqck down the article and find the rest of the story. Amazing

Headstone in graveyard of Bodie ghost town in Northern California. It is the memorial for a 3-year-old girl Evelyn Myers whose head was accidentally pierced by a miner's pick ax. Bodie Cemetery (Wards Section), Bridgeport, Mono, California

The Grindon family lost 5 children in one week St. Lawrence, Warslow, Staffordshire

Grave Mistakes: Richard and Jane lost 5 children in a week!

Grave Marker- Harry Collins - In 1952 he began work as a salesman for the Frito Lay Corporation where he would stay for 45 years. Collins became a sales manager and in 1970 was given the full time job as their corporate magician. "Mr. Magic" as he was known, toured the US, promoting their products, doing television commercials, making appearances at supermarkets, conventions, fairs and schools. When he performed, instead of the normal magic words "hocus pocus", he would say "frito-lay!

Charley Darkey Parkhurst, was actually Charlotte Darkey Parkhurst (1812–1879), was an American stagecoach driver and early California settle Born female at birth, Parkhurst lived as a man for most of his life .Parkhurst was a female tobacco chewing, cussing, gambling California stage driver who was found dead in her bed on December 18, 1879. Her friends all thought she was a man. Pioneer Cemetery, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, CA