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Use any broken stemware as candle holders in plants. or use cheap dollar store glassware ! so cute for night time patio dinners!

How to prune basil for more production. Quick and EZ method!

Mom's Peach Cobbler My Mom always had a dessert for us at dinner time - 8 kids. One of the staples was beach cobbler, which was probably just a big can of peaches with bisquick mixture spooned over the top and bakes. We would put a little milk on it in our dish.

Organic Gardening: Coffee Grounds + Egg Shells = No Blossom Rot

Hosta 'Canadian Blue'. Oh my goodness! I have a perfect spot for this!

DIY Plant Markers - Plastic knives + Sharpie ... cheap, easy, reusable, recyclable ... what else could you want! #gardening #DIY #easy

Having a problem with bunnies eating your veggies? Plant Marigolds around your garden and their scent will keep them away! I did this last year and it made a HUGE difference. -- this really does work!! When I start my garden, I plant full flowering plants, among the veggie plants, I put in Marigold seeds -- haven't had bunny issues since!

How To Plant Annual Flowers So You'll Have Better Flowers Than The Neighbors... the proper way to treat the roots of annuals (and perennials and trees and shrubs) so when you plant you get the best growth.

DIY Moss for the Garden - Blend up 1 Part Moss, 1 Part Sugar, 2 Parts Beer... pour or brush over pots, stone or pavers and moss will grow!

Best seed tape ever! Yup you guessed it toilet paper! Planting tiny seeds is easy with this simple gardening trick!