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Brush and Canvas

Voronoi diagram / sevensixfive sketchbook

Squirrel by Roger Excoffon, best known for designing Mistral. /via @Albert Yih

Employing the idea in music of making variations on a theme by another composer, the Iberian Variations by Cecil Touchon are an exploration of abstract expressionist use of black ink gestural or 'action painting' to make abstract compositions.

Ed Loftus has obsessive compulsive disorder, which allows (forces?) him to spend up to five months on a single graphite drawing, starting from the top of a sheet of paper and painstakingly working his way down to the bottom so he doesn't smudge. In the past three years, he's completed only 10 pieces.

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg is running a retrospective exhibition that examines the history of Apple's industrial design under Jony Ive. The exhibit is curated from a cultural studies context and is a wide survey that ranges from formal influences to the economic effects of Apple's iconic products.

Brooklyn-based artist Shane McAdams makes abstract paintings out of ballpoint pens using a technique he calls "Pen Blow." He opens ballpoint pen cartridges, yanks off the tips, then, with his mouth, blows ink through the tubes onto 12-inch-by-12 inch or 24-by-24-inch panels. When the ink flows out, it’s saturated with color and so viscous that, “instead of turning to a mist, it blows out into sticky interconnected strings.”

Cayce Zavaglia's portraits look like hyper-realistic oil paintings--the sort where every last blemish and strand of wayward hair is so meticulously rendered, you have to wonder if the artist has obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Zoom in, though, and you realize that each portrait is entirely--painstakingly--hand-stitched. The larger ones measure about a foot tall and 3 feet wide, and take as many as six months to complete.

JD WALSH, TWO LANDS 2011: a package of epson printer paper (plus a little screenprinting) turned totally marvelous.

JD WALSH, ON THE CORNER 2006: was disoriented and then i realized it was strung in a corner... duh.

Kat Masback | dice virions [null variant] | using dice and colored pencil to create generative art.

ZAK PREKOP, RED FIELD 2011: the diagonal grid texture might be hard to see, but... it's really rad.