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{pop-cult} Pulp Fiction & Noir

Cheezy dime-store novels & film noir with a cheap veneer of all things low-rent, rough, downtrodden and tawdry. Top with a dollop of sexploitation, and that's our dish. Come -- let's slum. (book covers, magazines, ads) If you like this or any other board here, please click the 'like' button to the right of the title above. That will help others find it, and keep it going!

The girl next door... to the morgue.

  • Jeff Faria

    Marijuana is an interesting word. Sounds illicit, vaguely threatening, and fun all at once. Rolls around in the mouth. Whereas 'crack' does nothing for me.

  • Andrew Goulding

    @Jeff Faria Ha-de-har and while I hadn't ever thought about it, you're very right. You're not (ahem) addicted to words, by any chance?

  • Jeff Faria

    Addicted? No more than anyone else. I value my tools is all.

  • Andrew Goulding

    @Jeff Faria Handy tools to have.

  • Jeff Faria

    George Carlin talked about the nature of words quite a lot in his business. They were his tools as well. To some degree or other, words are everyone's tools. It's good to have a workmanlike feel for them. Or at least I think so.

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