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"Increase in Learning" by Elder David A. Bednar. I watched the group discussion he had with some Young Adults and it was very interesting. I've started to read it, and have already felt the desire to be more actively engaged in learning more about the gospel. Highly recommend this book aleady!

looks amazing

Updated version available. I have the 1995 copy.

An eye opening account of "life" in Afghanistan...often graphic & images will stay w/ you. A humanitarian message that isn't shoved in your face...its written gracefully, especially regarding the subject matter.

I didn't really like this book, the two writers (who base the book on their marriage) are pretty psychotic. They offer the most cliche, and stereotypical view into marriage. I could have googled "cliche marriage comments" slapped all the results together and called myself an author, too.

I -LOVED- this book when I was younger. I checked it out from the Paducah, KY library and spent hours reading through it. Moms, especially country/rural moms, you should consider getting it for your rough and tumble boys. It meant a lot to me and I'm sure it'll mean a lot to them.