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More like this: gran danes, chow chow and spaniels.

Squirt would KILL me if I did this with her LOL!

Ohhh, ♥ love!!!!

This might be the best option for travelling with my puppy dog!

Baby Black Bear Cub ♥

cute baby

eeeeee! soooo cute!

Cheetah mama & her little baby - cute !

Little baby with big feet. Adorable

I don't like cats all that much but this cute little baby warms my heart

how i wish to be that little baby tiger

I know, I just couldn't help myself, Lions and tiger and bears oh my and this little baby bunny!!

i used to have little babies like this for my pets! & when my daddy wouldnt let them sleep with me in my room, i slept outside with them. ♥

beautiful little baby elephant!

oh my gosh, i have loved hippos my whole life, but this seems insane, that's a little baby killer you have on your hand there :) (seriously)

little baby tiger.

little baby panda