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Book Community Board

This is a board for #book #recommendations (see also and for images of libraries, book shops, book art, book cartoons, people reading books, etc. Do add comments, but please do NOT post items that are not directly related to books. Self-review/promotion of books you have written yourself is frowned upon. Please pin in moderation as this board has over 2,500 contributors.

What an interesting way to think of libraries: we are libraries.

The best books do

I do not read because I have renounced life; I read because one life is just not enough for me. ABBAS AL-AKKAD

2014 Must Reads Books




Book love


Read Aloud: Books Bedtime and beyond: Why Family Reading Rocks. Kids interest in reading dropped almost 50% from Kgarten to 4th grade! Why? Parents stop reading to kids. Infographic See full post for ideas on how to keep it interesting.


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Reading: It’s good for their health. The facts illustrated on this WHY READING AT A YOUNG AGE MATTERS graphic, paints only a small picture of what books can do for your little one.