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THESE TIPS ARE AMAZING. Use shower hooks to hang jeans. | 53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips

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Left vs. Right Brain Infographic

  • Leoni Kitamura

    Left brained. Took the test many times and still left.

  • cortney m

    very right brained, but I have learned to accommodate my left side as well. There is such a thing as left or right brained, as I learned this in several of my psychology classes, some people are pretty equal on both sides but it is true that others are innately good at being artistic and seeing the whole picture whereas others can focus on individual pieces and better at math or puzzles.

  • Carolina Cardenas

    As "right" as i could be!

  • SEO Company

    Learning Style!!! :)

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Worth a trip to Walmart just to play - don't forget the flask.

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Now there's thinkin'.

  • Magan Dobson

    i was just browsing and saw this. my husband and i did this and it was absolutely declicious! It was easy and they froze well!

  • Laurinda Hill

    Good to know! I've made pancakes with bacon cooked and cut up in them before, but this looks a little less time-consuming.

  • David Bosch

    I really just started drooling. I better check my cholesterol first.