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Earthy quilts

For Cort to decide on a design! :)

Amy Hodge is a native Kentuckian transplanted to Northern California, who began her career as a scientist and now spends most of her days amidst fabric, thread, bobbins and needles.

Jelly roll quilt I want to make, 8X8 sqaures 2 1/2 sashing, 4 inch borders..

We need bigger of course. We could make with or without the outer borders, whichever you prefer.

Click through this one to go to Etsy. Be sure you like the close-up photos (photos 3 and 5). When you are close up you lose the optical illusion, which is fine, just be sure you like that. :)

The bright green is so pretty against the really dark brown.

Ultra-modern. These are solid fabrics which really make a statement (but do show dog hair a bit more!) :) This is super pretty I think.

Same quilt idea but with beige sashing and borders. Just to give you an idea of a non-white design. :) The blocks are a little darker and use more chocolate brown because the borders were darker.

Sewing & Quilt Gallery: Fraternal Twins

A more modern-style sampler. The blocks are all different but very green. :) White borders. This is like a brighter/lighter earthy tone quilt.

Sewing & Quilt Gallery: Fraternal Twins

You have to use your imagination a little on this one. Consider this as a partial quilt. This is a sampler style with different block designs and nice dark borders in chocolate (we could do hunter green borders too)

How about with dark green or brown instead of the navy?

This is just for the design. We could use earthier colors maybe?

Maybe with a less busy-looking background and border?