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Beyond Busy Work! Task cards for early finishers. This way if one is taken another student won't try to do that activity (which likely does not have materials available)

Task Card Corner: Early Finisher Task Cards : Beyond Busy Work!

Encourage Creative Thinking FREE

educationjourney: Early Finisher Task Cards

Grade 5 #MATH. Common Core Documentation Planning Checklist. (PDF and editable Microsoft Word versions included) Color coordinated checklist contains all of the MATH standards in an easy-to-read and record format. The checklists include an area to jot down the dates you teach the standard, and a section to write notes about strategies used, what worked, what needs to be revised, etc. I have included a Microsoft Word version of the checklist so that you may edit the checklist to suit your needs.

Homemade scratch cards (silver acrylic paint and washing up liquid). These are valentines hearts with promises hidden behind them, but you could do all sorts of fun things, I want to try treasure maps!

Come Together Kids: A Year of Valentines (with DIY scratch-offs)

I might be a little addicted to the ideas in this blog. :) Another behavior management idea from Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Ping Pong Prizes. #education #classroom #teaching

How to Get One Dollar Color Classroom Posters

How to Get One Dollar Color Classroom Posters

The Eager Teacher: Did It Myself Crate Stools---} do this with the girls crates in office to create more seating in here or for the girls table.

The Eager Teacher: Did It Myself Crate Stools!

No-sew classroom door curtain - dowel rod, velcro, ribbons, command hooks and fabric!

Wall of happiness. What makes you smile? A good bulletin board idea. This could even be used to help decorate the hall.

$1 frame with card stock and ribbon...this will be on my teacher desk! :)#Pin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

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God the Holy Spirit Is Everywhere (Object Lesson for Children)

Hide Common Core questions under their seat and announce 'hot seat' sometime during the day. Whoever has a question under their seat has to answer it. Perfect way to review/have fun! This is an idea from kindergarten that could be used in ANY grade!!

Kindergarten Smiles: Common Core

GREAT IDEA: These are now what my kids earn as their rewards for doing chores and being good. Then they can come to the Reward Store for their pick of a reward and pay the price. Check out this fake money you can create It's so easy!

These Home Depot aprons are only 77 cents and make for great desk organizers when tied around a chair. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Amazing kids room! The ceiling is foam boards covered in fun fabrics.... I LOVE THIS

Fantastic tips to help students follow directions so you don't have to repeat yourself a million times. The magic word idea is a great technique to try.

"Would You Rather..." Questions | Fun Get-To-Know-You idea for the first day of school! I did a force choice question 8 times - and then had the students predict how many different variations there could be. (2^8) We then discussed what this could represent... coin tosses, true/false tests. Great way to have fun and do math on the first day!