THE HOKEY POKEY brain break with Lyrics (1:45)

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My 5th Graders BEG for this Indoor Recess Dance Party! Here's a great kid-friendly playlist of videos to popular music. Your kids will get up and get tons of physical activity while having fun!

Cha Cha slide with graphics for kids. Great Brain Break! Fun stuff less than 4 minutes and kid friendly

Fight the Fidgeting! 12 fun, energizing brain break videos for your SMART/Promethean kids LOVE these. :-)

Boom Chicka Boom...silly songs for brain breaks!

inside recess - a website that will get them moving!

Brain Break: Your kids can pick either the hippo or dog and they have to mimic their dancing! so fun!

Just Dance Kids 2 - Crocodile Rock - Perfect for transitions/Brain Breaks...I have to say that I love this video :0)

today during math, we all hit a wall . . . Big Time! So, what do you think we did? A BRAIN BREAK of course! Today was the {Sid Shuffle}.

Yoga poses to do with the kids. 13 poses. my kiddos last year loved stretching in the morning...this would be a good brain break too!

Be a Flamingo, Frog, or Boat: Yoga Poses to Do With Your Kids

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