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Jennifer Wardlow

Jennifer Wardlow

Let's see what we can make!!

"Here is one of my kiln carved bowls. I use dolomite mixed with water. I put it in a squeezy Ketchup bottle and squeeze out patterns on the kiln shelf. I let it dry thoroughly and then slump 2 layers of glass on top."

  • Judy Nunez

    That effect is really nice!!!! Is that Dolomite Lime used in gardening or a vitamin powder which I've also seen? More info would be appreciated! Thank you!

Fused Glass Fishbowl with Tiny Aquarium Gravel - by TickleTickle GLASS CRAFTS

monochromatic - Collages in a single color-use up magazine papers this way! - they choose the shape to repeat

Full moon pendant. I put these in the kiln on the night of the full moon and no matter how many I make they all come out differnt because of the reaction of the "real silver" moon and the particular piece of glass on the top. They are amazing.

This color combination might do well in a bathroom; it's neither feminine nor masculine but has more personality than the usual bathroom colors.

My first fused plate!

I don't always go shopping but when I do I buy handmade

wire sculpture