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MathLibs…Every kid loves math libs…made for third and fourth graders!

Math Libs® - Free to Play Online or Print!

Reasoning Puzzles (Place Value): Activities to Engage in Math Talk. Increase math talk in your classroom with these fun and rigorous puzzles! Students determine the truthfulness of six statements, then get together with a group to defend their thinking and critique the reasoning of others. $

FREEBIE! Play fraction golf with your students!

Fraction Golf {a game to practice making and comparing fractions}

Place Value Roll it, Make it, Expand it Math Station -- 4 different levels (this is the highest, other 2 are 2-digit) -- roll dice to make a number then draw it and expand it **alter to include decimals and word form!

Get your students excited and motivated about memorizing their multiplication facts!

Place Value Circle good for daily routine in Math 4 Success

FREEBIE!!! Check out this free sample of my "I CAN" math games! This one focuses on MULTIPLYING Whole Numbers! Perfect for Math Centers.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Dividing Fractions Anchor Chart, Game Freebie, and Math Journal

Yearly Starter Kit - This package includes a student multiplication facts study record, teacher quick check progress tracker, teacher individual student progress tracker, 9 multiplication mini-posters for the bulletin board, etc..., student multiplication facts mastery punch cards, multiplication facts handout, multiplication facts handout that shows how few facts will need to be learned if a student keeps up with the fact families each week, and timed tests through the 12's fact family. $

Multiplication Facts Yearly Starter Kit

Equivalent Fraction posters- you could make these in groups and give each group a different fraction. (Image only)

An example comparing traditional long division versus short division for the same math problem

Short division in action

Order of Operations (Lyrics by Ron Clark)

FREE MATH LESSON - “Order of Operations Color by Number FREEBIE” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. 5th - 8th Grade #FreeLesson #TeachersPayTeachers #TPT #Math www.thebestofteac...

Math games for kids: Uno flip for number sentences

Math Games for Kids: Uno Flip | Childhood101

Roll the dice and then show the base ten blocks to represent the number

Room Mom 101: Teaching Place Value

Number Sense FREEBIE!! Several versions included!! Directions: Using the number in the center (chosen by you or the student), the students write down 10 different ways to show that number (base 10 blocks, addition sentence, dots, tally marks, number words, multiplication, pictures, etc.) #math #numbersense #education #tptfree #sheilamelton

math interactive notebook----rules and reasons. I would definitely alter this (they won't be taken home and I'm not sure if I want them to keep a table of contents this year since it is only the second time I've implemented it.