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Are you a third grade teacher who is struggling to help kids memorize their multiplication tables? Do you have students arriving into your classroom who don't know their math facts? Are you a parent of a kid who is falling behind in math? These songs are for you!! They're sung by kids for kids! And they're EASY to memorize!

Math Songs Collection |

Learning Wrap-Ups - States, Capitals, and Abbreviations

Take a picture of the first and last day of school to see how much they change over the year - this would make a really cute photo book when they graduate high school.

Friday journals - students write a note on Friday to their parents telling what they learned that week, and parents write a short response back to their child. The journal comes back to school on Monday. For every parent response, students get a sticker to add to the cover. Great way to get parents involved and have students take more ownership of their learning! ♥

Start this at the beginning of the school year to go home at end of the year! Great idea.