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Honey Facial Scrub (Love the way my face feels after using this. Hopefully it still feels this way in the morning!)

Don't Peek chicken and rice dinner. Super easy to make [uncle bens original long grain and wild rice, can of cream of chicken soup, can of cream of mushroom soup, water and chicken] and tastes tummy! Original pin can be found on Hey Good Lookin'...board. I did alter and used cream of chicken instead of cream of celery soup that original recipe calls for.

Makeup brush cleaner pin: hot water with tablespoon of white vinegar (pinned this morning). It worked pretty well on all of my brushes except my foundation brush. I had to use soap to finish getting it clean. Brushes smell faintly of vinegar but are super soft and clean now.

Broccoli salad...recipe on soup, salad, fruit maybe board. Super easy and yummy!

Lemon cream cheese carrot zucchini bars

Treat the feet! 1 cup Epsom salt in warm water; soak for half hour; use toothbrush to scrub dead skin from feet (that was it for the pin I used as inspiration). I then put body butter on my heels and put socks on. Hoping for baby soft feet tomorrow! Toothbrush worked well to scrub my feet with too. Who knew??!!

Tried this today. Blue dawn and white vinegar as shower cleaner. Worked pretty good given the age and nastiness of my shower. I heated the vinegar and then used a 1:1 ratio. Sprayed on, let sit for an hour and wiped off. Smells really strong but not nearly as bad as some cleaners do.

  • Irene Wegener

    We tried this in our bathrooms today, I wish I learned this years ago, multi use, horse spray, flea spray, upholstery cleaner, only limited by your imagination

Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake...made this today. The original pin is on my The Sweet Stuff board.

Made my own translucent face powder today!

Easter wreath