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Now that you have gotten comfortable with the 2" size, go ahead and switch to the 1" Inchie Squares. Put four together to create a larger square puzzle design or lay out 5 squares horizontally for a long continuous design. Remember, it's all about letting loose with the pen...but eventually coming back and connecting to your starting point. It's recommended that you anchor the squares with a removable adhesive so you are free to move the pen across the multiple squares without having to worry about them moving. (Our favorite is the TOMBO Mono Removable Adhesive roller)

Sensational Inchies by autumnsensation

huge frame full of inchies... i'm kinda thinking i should try making some of those.

Inchies are little 1" square works of art. I think they started out as paper art but I have also seen bead embroidery, embossed copper and ceramic

"Etude de couleurs" de Wassily Kandinsky