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My Outfits

Hi! Welcome to my closet! Most of these sets were pinned straight from several talented designers on Polyvore. My board began when I fell in love with my very first outfit on Pinterest. I liked it so much I pinned and bought it. Then I went to the creator's Polymore album and saw more outfits that suited my taste. I began to pin outfits that I already had in my closet (similar/same outfits) and the ones I was planning to buy. From that initial designer's album, I found more creators that had similar tastes like mine and it kind of just branched out from there. I started pinning more and more outfits I have, hence changing the name of my Pinterest album from "My Style" to "My Outfits". lol. Initially this board was for myself, to view all my outfits in one convenient place, however, I had no idea I would gain this many followers. (thank you) :o) I find that in most cases, there is always that "same" outfit that you can get for a bargain price. Perhaps many of you have similar items or color combinations in your closet already. I hope my outfits can help serve ideas for you to use. Thank you for following me! ♥