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Teaching tools

Sixth grade SWAG! Ms. T has it. Do you? Oh Lord they're going to hate me for this.

Hand off these print-and-teach materials to your sub and go home, already!

Store: Laura-Randazzo -

Make learning fun and engaging by sending your students on a novel scavenger hunt using sticky notes with printed questions on them!

Novel Scavenger Hunt Using Sticky Notes-- Common Core Aligned

close reading discussion starters...great for primary students!

Close Reading for Beginners {Let's Take a Closer Look!}

The All About Me Gazette for the first day of school. We do use this in 5th grade.. then at the end of the year the art teacher has them create a TIME magazine self portrait. Combine the two for a great foyer display to celebrate moving on to 6th grade!

All About Me Gazette.pdf - Google Drive

Freebielicious: Open House/Meet the Teacher Night

Freebielicious: Open House/Meet the Teacher Night

Teaching and reinforcing theme in literature is easy with this poster set! The set has 2 chevron poster sets: one with a chalkboard frame and the other with a white frame (for less ink usage). Each set has posters for the following themes: Friendship Responsibility Courage Perseverance Kindness Acceptance Cooperation Honesty Easy to print and display!

The 2 Teaching Divas....Wow!! Every form you can imagine for the busy teacher!!! Sub reports...sign in sheets....password keeper...reading conferences.....writing conferences...observations!! Wowie!

Forms at Your Fingertips! By The 2 Teaching Divas

One of my ALL time favorite teacher tips! Helps the panic of a new student...Then I can grab it and say "I thought you maybe joining us today." instead of "oh, we weren't expecting a new student.". It will get us off on the right foot. bags for a "New Student" ... so much better than scrounging for stuff every time a new student arrives!

FREE RTI refernece menu with multiple options for each scenario "if a student struggles with...."

First Grade Critter Cafe': CAFE Pensieve Linky Party

Keep Calm and RETURN MY PENCILS Poster


STOP Getting Those 'No Name' Papers: Have students highlight their names on the sheet before turning it in.

Freebielicious: STOP Getting Those 'No Name' Papers

Great to introduce historical figures

Trevor & Lesley: The Pharoah Re-claims Egypt this Halloween

Upper Elementary Fun!: Using Post Its when reading

Upper Elementary Fun!: November Update!

Explain to students that each paragraph is a house that they build. The roof is the main idea that gets our attention and helps hold the whole house together. The supporting ideas hold up the main idea, without which, the roof would fall down. Finally, without the solid foundation or the reason for writing the paragraph, the house will fall down as well.

Building a Paragraph