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Goddess Spells for Busy Girls

For the busy woman who wants it all but needs help getting it, Goddess Spells for Busy Girls can help you achieve love, balance, protection, and abundance in your life. Remember, there’s a goddess for that! GODDESS SPELLS FOR BUSY GIRLS, now available from Red Wheel/Weiser Books.

First signing at Dancing Moon in Raleigh: so nice to have a local New Age store that feels like family.

First signing at Dancing Moon in Raleigh. Happy to be hanging out with Lakshmi!

Teaser Tuesday! "Gaia is an incredibly popular goddess: you see her name and image everywhere! She’s literally the earth beneath our feet, and even people who’ve never heard the word “goddess” use Gaia’s name to talk about our home planet." From GODDESS SPELLS FOR BUSY GIRLS, out now! Red Wheel / Weiser Books

Check out my interview at Turning Pages. I've got spell recommendations and more!

"Once a mortal woman, Kuan Yin was martyred by her father when she wished to join a convent and dedicate herself to spirituality. This martyrdom set her on the path of enlightenment, but unlike other figures in Buddhism, Kuan Yin turned back when nirvana was within her reach. Although she was spiritually prepared to leave the earth and become pure energy, Kuan Yin declared that she would stay put until all women and men attained enlightenment." From GODDESS SPELLS FOR BUSY GIRLS, out now!

Take Me Traveling With You - paganSquare - PaganSquare - Join the conversation!

"Although this goddess is frequently depicted as a cow, there’s nothing slow or plodding about her. Hathor is the goddess of fertility, abundance, and pleasure in the Egyptian pantheon, and her favors were enjoyed by the common folk of Egypt and the pharaohs for centuries." From GODDESS SPELLS FOR BUSY GIRLS, coming 2/1/14:

"If you walk far enough into your past, you will find the strength to create your future." From GODDESS SPELLS FOR BUSY GIRLS, coming 2/1/14 from Weiser Books:

The ARCs have arrived! So pretty. So exciting!!

"Although she’s one powerful goddess, Athena’s traditional followers didn’t include a lot of women. She tended to favor flawed foxy heroes like Odysseus while changing uppity girls like Arachne into spiders. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore this motherless goddess: Athena values knowledge, and she’s willing to assist those who are genuine in their search for understanding." From GODDESS SPELLS FOR BUSY GIRLS, coming 2/1/14

At this time of New Year change, I offer this spell to you in the hopes that it may help you face any choices with bravery and clarity.

Sekhmet and Isis are just two of the powerful goddesses you'll meet in GODDESS SPELLS. Out 2/1/14 from Weiser Books!

How will you live joyously?

Pre-order GODDESS SPELLS and enter to win!

Remember: it’s not just about tangible wealth. Abundance is more, well, abundant than that.