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Raised Garden Bed With Cinder and already sectioned off (great for small garden)

These would be so fun to harvest! Rainbow Carrot Mix six crazy colors 250 heirloom by SmartSeeds, $2.99

Six Easy to Grow Flowering Plants: Achillea, Echinacea, Cosmos, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Zinnia

Make your own potato tower - no digging up potatoes! yields about 25 lbs/tower. - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

How to grow carrots in a Soda bottle

Baking soda neutralizes the ph in the soil and nothing will grow there. use baking soda around all of the edges of flower beds to keep the grass and weeds from growing into beds. Just sprinkle it onto the soil so that it covers it lightly. Do this twice a year – spring and fall. @ Pin For Your Home |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

The Echinacea 'Summer Sun' is a brand new hybrid coneflower that blow you away with its intense color. The blooms first open up to a red-orange then slowly lighten to a golden orange. Plants are tall enough to mix into the perennial border growing a little over 3 feet in height but stay within their bounds very well with clumps growing to about 2 feet wide. The brightly colored, fragrant blooms are a butterfly magnet.

Drip irrigation - Puncture large plastic bottles to be used as slow drip water for plants in hot weather. Less water waste. The only thing that kept my plants going, and once the plants get growing they hide the bottles. Quick and easy way to fertilize too!

pallet furniture

Love the beans and morning glories, this will be a nice shady spot to sit come the heat of summer

If you’re starting plants from seeds this year, don’t waste your hard-earned cash on tiny planters from the garden center. Save a few bucks - and get a little more use out of your throw-aways - by making your own seed-starters from recycled materials! To make your own biodegradable mini-planter (that’s right, no transplanting!), you will need scissors and a toilet paper or paper towel roll. How to make it: 1. Using scissors, cut six to eight small slits in the end of your to

Watermelon Cubes! If you put a small fruit into a box or container while it's growing, it will assume that shape. You can try it with pumpkins too!

What a neat idea. Make your cement leaf castings and stack them under the downspout. Functional and so beautiful.

Lavender- Every part of the plant is infused with aromatic oil, making this a choice herb to place along pathways or near outdoor seating areas Lavender varieties abound: The darker the flower, the more intense the aroma -- Drought-, heat-, and wind-tolerant, lavender doesn't like poor drainage, After flowering, shear plants to induce bushiness and subsequent bloom. Avoid cutting plants back to the ground. Dried blooms retain fragrance; crush dried flowers to release aromatic oils anew.

Cotton Candy Grass - Withstands heat, humidity, poor soil and even drought. Very easy to grow, it reaches a mature height of 3-4 feet tall and gets 3-4 feet wide. Grows in all U.S zones.

Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silvery foliage 18 tall 24 wide. This drought-tolerant hardy perennial has extremely fragrant foliage

I need to remember this for next year when planting my patio pots!